Cafe Suppy is one of the fastest growing supplier in New Zealand supplying Food Packaging, Kitchenware, Barware, Cleaning & Hygiene products and Commercial Kitchen Equipments. We have experienced staff ready to help our customer to answer any questions regarding their requirements for the business. We can help our customers choosing the right products as per their business requirements.

Our main aim is to work around the customer so we can offer the best service. We are so passionate about our work and working towards bringing the best products for our customer. We have more than 10000 products including food packaging and Commercial Kitchen Equipments. 

We are Located in the Tauranga city of the Bay of Plenty Region. We can be reached either visiting our warehouse, by email or phone.

Better, In Every Way

That’s our aim.
If you have any ideas on where we could improve, be it with customer service, our shop interface, our products, tell us. And we don’t just mean if you’re not satisfied. If you see room for improvement, we want to see it too. Cafe Supply is one of the fastest growing suppliers of food packaging and kitchenware in New Zealand right now, and that’s because, to us, good enough is never good enough. If it can be better, it should be better, and it can always be better. That’s what sets us apart.

Fast & Reliable

Our delivery is fast and reliable. Our products are some of the most sustainable on the market. A mission isn’t just a brand identity. A mission is a purpose; it’s why you start a business in the first place. Ours is to deliver the best service available with the most sustainable products, and we can’t achieve that unless we make sure that we’re always going to be better at it tomorrow than we were yesterday.

Special Prices For Bulk Buying

Businesses can save a lot of money when they buy products from Cafe Supply because it offers special prices on bulk purchases. Also, because the company focuses on the provision of B2B solutions to businesses, you can buy products from us at reasonable prices. This can help cut your costs and increase your profit margins.

Extensive Industry Knowledge And Wide Product Range

Cafe Supply consists of workers who have extensive industry knowledge and are extremely passionate about the hospitality industry. Therefore, businesses can be sure that they’ll get the right and latest industry products from us.

Also, the company supplies a wide range of food packaging products, including kitchenware, barware, as well as carrying out cleaning and hygiene functions. That means businesses won’t miss finding what they want from Cafe Supply.

Our range of products has enabled us to spread our distribution footprint throughout New Zealand. Our experienced team of employees is always hard at work to rapidly increase our distribution footprint in New Zealand. We are always making progressive plans with a focus on sustainability. We do that by continuously searching for new opportunities to expand our product range to ensure our customers get the best products.

Impeccable Customer Service

Cafe Supply have a team of trained, and experienced customer service personnel who provide excellent service to clients before, during and after a purchase. Our customer service staff responds to clients’ requests as quickly as possible, especially if it’s something that’s time-sensitive.

We know clients’ wants and needs, which allows us to offer personalised service. Cafe Supply has multiple customer service systems, such as phone, email, and live chat, to enable the delivery of excellent customer service. Impeccable customer service ensures a fast and reliable delivery of the right products.

Free Delivery Within Local Tauranga Area

Delivery costs can add up any business’ overall cost. Businesses located in the Tauranga area can eliminate this cost when they buy their products from Cafe Supply because the company offers free deliveries within the Tauranga area.